Olis Roc is a young company born of a long family tradition, since the twelfth century we have been linked to the world of olive farming.
Our ancestors already cultivated and collected olives in the lands of Montesquiu, Rocafort i Rocallaura. But it was in 1100 with the official uprising of the Cistercian monastery of Vallbona de les Monges that the farmers of the nearby lands of settled in this municipality in order not to leave helpless neither the monastery nor its religious.
It was then when conserving the lands of the next municipalities our ancestors acquired lands with olive trees in the municipality of Vallbona de les Monges, they were founders of the Oil Mill that was constructed in the town, being thus, clearly linked to the agricultural community of the town and To the territory
Our oil has existed for more than a century, but it has not been until now that we decided to make it known all over the world with a name and identity of its own, but being faithful to the tradition and experience of our ancestors.